Sunday, February 7, 2010

György Ligeti Tribute - Visual Contributions open !

Back in June 2008, I received an e-mail from Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, a visual artist renowned for his artwork for Detroit greats such as Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Los Hermanos & Underground Resistance, but also for François Kevorkian, collaborations with Overton Loyd (artwork designer for Parliament/Funkadelic), Hideki Nakajima (artwork designer for Ryuichi Sakamoto), the Nat King Cole Re:Generations cover project (featuring Will.I.Am, Cut Chemist, Bebel Gilberto, Nas, TV On The Radio, etc.) and the John & Alice Coltrane Foundation.
Clearly an impressive and interesting resumé, but it turns out the e-mail ended up in my junk mail and I only discovered it about a week ago, looking for something else ! Gustavo was asking me if he could submit a visual contribution to the Ligeti project. So I replied (20 months later !) and Gustavo's enthusiasm conveyed to me the idea of opening a section dedicated to visual artists. Not only graphic designers and painters but also video artists.
So if you are one of the above and Ligeti's music has influenced your art, I'd be most pleased to hear from you ! The contributions will appear as thumbnails below each contributor's name with options to zoom in and enlarge and to download the work in hi-res. Gustavo is, of course, the first contributor and we are going to try to get more people interested in this. I'm now collecting all the works that will be sent to me via the contact form on the Ligeti page and I hope to get the "Visuals" section up and running by March with already a few works to check out ! ;)

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