Saturday, November 28, 2009

**ONLINE SOON** Hula - Hot Hands (Topher's Beatmatch Edit)
"Hot Hands" is a classic, groovy, crunchy, sexy, relentless, underground acid track by Hula that originally came out on the Acid Trax Vol. 2 compilation on Trax Records in 1988. This track was never given a proper official single release. DJ's who have tried to play it know what a pain it is to beatmatch properly as Hula starts/stops the pattern manually several times throughout, constantly throwing it off track.
In 2005, an unofficial release came out in the Secret Mixes Fixes series that solved the "problem", but unfortunately I think the "fixes" denatured it a bit too much. So here's my take on it, trying to respect the flavor of the original with a bit of mastering trickery added in to give it a bit more oomph. Play it out and by all means keep this classic monster alive ! :)


  1. "soon" ça veut dire quelle unité de temps dans l'espace temps topherien ??

  2. Ca veut dire "ouais je sais..." - En fait je compte rajouter une version remixée en plus mais elle n'est pas prête... Ca arrive ! :)