Thursday, November 26, 2009

Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (Topher's Recreated Salieri Radio Edit)

In 1985, I was 11. One of the French regional radio stations I was listening to would sometimes play Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" - a track that was clearly groundbreaking to me then... Several times, I called them and requested it just so I could make the best sounding tape with no voiceover from the radio show host. Those were the days ! Yet, ever since that time, I've been looking for the version they used to play - clearly edited from the Salieri Club Mix. I've tracked down every version listed on Discogs from the Extended Version to the Can-Am Remix, even got my hands on the original French 7" & 12"... but no... It was never quite the version I once taped from the radio. Maybe it was an obscure promo mix, or one of those then-popular DJ service remixes (although it is neither DMC or Razormaid - I already checked). I guess I will just never know...
So now I own a copy of Falco's CD "3" (U.S. release - which includes the Salieri Club Mix) and some hi-tech software, I thought I could take an hour to recreate it the way I remember it with the help of my precious tape and give it a little remastering boost, not only because this song means a lot to me, but also because I think it can still pack a punch and this is objectively the best radio edit of it ! :)

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