Friday, May 27, 2011

Prince - Cloreen Bacon Skin (Topher Re-Edit)

Watch this space ! I just finished editing this fantastic Prince jam down to 8'30", making it more dancefloor-friendly and focused than the original 15'37" version. I tried to preserve the best bits of the vocal improv... Of course die-hard fans might cringe as they notice the bits that have been left out, but it's bound to happen when you reduce a track by nearly 50% its length ! ;) Anyway, none of it will be noticeable to anyone else.
I have one last issue to deal with: to beatmatch or not to beatmatch ? I'm a bit afraid to kill the funk of it (which would be a damn shame considering the nature of the track), so I'm gonna try out the different possibilities and edit this post when the track is ready for download. Give it a bit of time though as I have more urgent tracks in the works... :)

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