Monday, January 18, 2010

György Ligeti Tribute update

The day after the famous composer György Ligeti died in June 2006, I started the idea of a tribute from experimental electronic artists. µ-Ziq, one of the renowned pioneers of UK electronica, was the first one to send me a track, which I reckon helped pave the way for more contributions to come. The project was launched online on June 13th, 2007, the same day it was initiated, for the first anniversary of Ligeti's death, and is still ongoing to this day, counting 27 brilliant artists rallied to the cause so far, from Rapoon, the pioneer of industrial ambient since the early 80's with his band Zoviet France, to emerging artists such as +10 who is now on Rephlex as Jodey Kendrick, or KiNK, one of the unavoidable figures of the new electronic dance scene for many D.J.'s around the world.

Today, and after some time spent chasing down some of the master recordings, I have finally made all the tracks collected so far available for download in 320kbps mp3 and FLAC lossless format. All but µ-Ziq's which shall remain in 256 kbps until he gets his hands back on the master recording (which unfortunately sounds very unlikely...).

Also, the project has just been accepted by the mighty Discogs website as a proper netlabel, thus procuring it and its unknown artists a somewhat more official presence in the world of recorded music.

The tracks are all available for free on my website and the contributions are always welcome. Just make sure you read the FAQ section of the site before submitting any.

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